The Orange County Young Republicans (OCYR) is an organization consisting of young professionals and political activists who are committed to a common sense approach to politics. We believe in the Republicans ideals of lower taxation, limited government, personal freedom and personal responsibility. OCYR promotes and supports the Republican Party by endorsing candidates,  increasing Republican voter registration, participating in Get-Out-The-Vote efforts and encouraging our party's youth to take a strong leadership role.

OCYR is a great place to meet other like minded conservatives and to directly affect elections in your community.  We are always looking for new members and would love to see you at our next event!

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    Todd Spitzer is the most powerful member of the Orange County Board of Supervisors. He has ignored evidence of horrific abuse and embezzlement inflicted on nursing home patients on life support. Evidence shows a direct link between Social Services Agency and Public Guardian with unscrupulous nursing home operators. These nursing home providers have already been taken to class action court, but have not been under any scrutiny by the OC government. Employees with proof have been railroaded, threatened and forced out, and then blackballed so that they cannot get any jobs. Their pensions have been held up, and these whistleblowers suffer for telling the truth and obeying the law. Todd Spitzer has been told, and he avoided testifying under oath, by using his personal relationships to aid in further railroading of employees. Please reconsider your support.
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    TY :)
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    “Getting the Straight Talk” With COMMANDER,
    RADM Bob Hennigan.
    Join the OC Navy League as we present an amazing program on the U.S. Navy’s redeployment of forces to the Pacific Theater and the emerging threats faced by our Nation.

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