October 24, 2012


I have an idea to help the Republicans win – President on down!!

This is a very simple inexpensive way to get voters attentions and to help your party as well as helping others.

It is all about the tips!

Republicans are interested in jobs for more people - RIGHT? 

Here it is:

Starting Immediately to December 31, 2012 - NO MATTER WHO WINS! 


Extra tips - -

Fast Food Cashier – Tab is $5 – Give $1 tip with a big SMILE AND THANK YOU FOR DOING A GREAT JOB!

Wal-Mart Cashier – Tab is $50 – Give $5 tip with a big SMILE AND THANK YOU FOR THE SERVICE.

Restaurant – Tab is $100 – usual tip 15 -20%, you pay that and hand  $5 to the host, bus person, cook, wait staff - personally hand the extra $5 to them – Tell them ‘Great Job’.

Bus Driver –Hand them a Gift Card to Sonic and remind them how much you appreciate them working everyday so that you can get to your job.

 Everywhere you go tell folks thank you for their job!  Get the Idea???

I know the economy!!?! – You may have a tight budget yourself – drink a class of water and give the cashier that extra dollar that you would have purchased a coke.  Don’t buy that extra bag of chips – you won’t remember the chips but the Seven Eleven Cashier will remember you!  Give $5 gas card to help them get to work!

Have business cards made- THANK YOU FOR YOUR WORK!  LET’S WORK TOGETHER SO OTHERS WILL HAVE JOBS TOO!  Hand them a card with your extra tip or gift card!

Face Book – Twitter – Press – and other social Medias can spread the word within days!

Everyone starts thanking others for their great job!   (This must be done until the end of the year) YOU HAVE A NEW PRESIDENT and REPUBLICIAN MEMBERS WINNING THEIR OFFICES AS WELL – people who may not vote - - - WILL !!

I have been doing this for the last 2 weeks – You will see a big smile and them thinking about what jobs mean to others and - - - - maybe they will vote!

 Put your own spin on it and let’s get a new President!! 

I am not a Young Republican or young or Republican – I just want a new President!  Young people are the ones that will change the state we are in – let’s GO!! 

Good Luck,





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